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Top 10 Tips for your first opera

By Amy Burstyn-Fritz and Ashleigh Semkiw

Co-Chairs Lauren Di Pede and Kristjan Hayden, 2017. Photo: Mike Caruso

  • 1. Enlist an expert.

    We always prefer to surround ourselves with true opera buffs who can help enrich the experience.

  • 2. Do your research.

    Opera stories are rich in plot and history. It helps to have a good sense of the background context so you can totally get swept away by the music.

  • 3. Prepare for the worst.

    Most operas tend to end tragically - don't expect it to work out in the end.

  • 4. Indulge without judgement.

    Opera socials pair perfectly with fine wines and top cuisine. Come early to hang out with the group, have a cocktail (or three) and bond with other Opera Club members.

  • 5. Select your seating.

    Sit where you can see both the stage and the orchestra. It's like the symphony and theatre all rolled into one!

  • 6. Trust in the translator.

    Don't be nervous about the language barrier - our SURTITLES™ are here to help!

  • 7. Bring a date!

    Opera stirs up our emotions and gets us excited about life - perfect for romance.

  • 8. Dress... however you want.

    We like to get fancy, but our group is an equal opportunity flair zone.

  • 9. Get passionate!

    Feel free to share any and all opinions on singers you loved or costumes you thought were overkill. We at the OC love a healthy debate and everyone's feelings are celebrated!

  • 10. Take it all in.

    This art form hasn't survived because it's mediocre! Opera will always be one of humanity's most important artistic expressions. Allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the sheer beauty and power of it all.


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